Certified Holistic Cancer Coach Training

Are you a cancer survivor, an educator, a wellness coach or assisting a family member with cancer? Would you like to maximize your impact as a healer?

We teach you how to support cancer clients with holistic, contemporary and alternative therapy at any stage in their cancer journey. If you have been touched by cancer in any way, this training is for you!

Hello Everyone. I am Paula Diana, co-founder of Diet For Living School. I am a 12 year cancer survivor. I attibute the success of my healing to detoxification with Raw Vegan Plant Based Foods, Lifestyle Change and Divine Grace. In this training I share with you everything I have learned about using Natural Nutrition to fight this disease and win!

What Is A Holistic Cancer Coach? There is an evolutionary shift taking place in the world of healing. Nutritional Science has made so many important discoveries in the past five years. The research community now knows that genetics or bad luck play a very small role in why one out of two Americans will contract cancer in their lifetime. Researchers have concluded that 70%-90% of all cancers are caused by diet, lifestyle and environmental factors.

For years pioneering natural nutrition healers have known that a period of deep detoxification and life style change using Living Plant-based foods has the ability to reverse many of the diseases the population now suffers. A return to foods closer to Nature allows the body to cleanse, repair and rebuild simultaneously: a three prong approach.

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The body is a self-healing and self-rejuvenating organism if given the the proper tools and environment. Cleansing the body with nutrient dense, fiber rich foods and fresh extracted juices boosts the immune system while allowing toxins to leave the body gently over time. For this reason the goal of the Diet For Living Holistic Cancer Coach is to educate their clients in a 'personal-responsibility' approach to health. With our training you will learn to teach your clients an action-step oriented 'Lifestyle Change Program'. We teach you everything you need to know to organize a home-based healing environment to enable your client to become an empowered participant in the whole-body approach to healing.

Detoxing with Raw and Living Foods to restore order in the body and heal degenerative disease was first taught by the great healer Dr Ann Wigmore. Her pioneering discoveries are used in six of the major cleansing centers across the United States for detoxification of the body to affect health and longevity. These foods, prepared in nutrient dense combinations, cured Dr Ann's cancer as well as my own.


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PILLAR ONE: Home Study

Two weeks before class begins you will receive your Holistic Cancer Coach Workbook to begin study for class lecture.

Using Our Education Materials You Will Learn:
  • Why Living Plant Based Foods are more powerful than cooked foods for healing
  • The benefits of Wheatgrass to fight cancer
  • Why we begin with cleansing and detoxing first
  • The science of why the foods work at the DNA level
  • The importance of using a full spectrum of nutrients
  • The powerful role a healthy elimination system plays in healing
  • How to create an 'inner terrain' that is inhospitable to cancer
  • The important foods that fight free radical damage

 “Having spent 14 years in the nutrition industry as a Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist I was blown away with what I learned at Diet For Living School. I feel I now have more knowledge to reach out to more people and more tools to support my clients. I learned how Raw Foods support healing and more ways to grow my business! Paula, you did a wonderful job.”

Melanie Ann Cooper. Houston, Texas


PILLAR TWO: One Day 'Hand's On Immersion' at Diet For Living School

Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food

Dear Healers Of The Future: As you know the most groundbreaking discoveries are now pointing to compounds in plants to prevent and cure cancer. At Diet For Living School we teach a powerful healing system using fresh pressed juices, potent live wheatgrass chlorophyll, unpasteurized fermented foods, sprouts, green leafy vegetables, fresh Raw Vegan nut milks and sea vegetables, all made into delicious and easy to prepare meals. These foods are then organized into a daily cleanse protocol anyone can practice with ease.

Maximize Your Impact: In our Certified Holistic Cancer Coach Training you get specialized knowledge, skills and strategies that directly impact clients with cancer who are ready to transform their bodies and their lives. Learn the alternative forms of treatment  for clients willing to go deeply into their own personal healing journey.

The Training Includes How To:

  • Make fresh cold pressed juices
  • Make fresh chlorophyll rich wheatgrass juice
  • Make anti-cancer dairy free nut milks
  • Make gluten free crackers and breads
  • Make protein rich chia seed pudding
  • Grow sprouts and microgreens
  • Make probiotic rich fermented kraut
  • Give two hour presentations for your client's support team (family, friends and community)
  • Offer mini one day retreats. Step by step plans on what to offer in the day
  • Demo an enema and wheatgrass enema with confidence
  • Present daily renewal practices for cancer clients
  • Make Whole Food/Superfood elixers and supplements
  • Create marketing practices for this specific niche market

Learn How To Create A Well Organized Home Based Healing Environment: We teach you how to organize any home so that your clients can practice a detox cleansing program daily. Learn how to form an educational partnership with your client as you teach, train and lend guidance, motivation, support and encouragement...become a gateway to their fullest human potential. What you learn with us will help you and your client's day run smoothly and create a rewarding journey toward their better health.The Lifestyle Change Program can be replicated with each new client, leaving room for personal attention and flexibility.

If you long to be an amazing luminary that transforms others...you will love this training!

“I found your school costs so little and I'd possess a new found skill for life to cure my cancer. I signed up in a heart beat. I am now clear, committed, motivated, with a clear food map.”

Yaël Agriss Washington, DC

PILLAR THREE: Expand Your Mission/Home Study

Four Weeks Of Q & A:  This part of the training gives you the chance to receive any guidance you     might need, clear up any questions that may arise and get support for you Business Vision. We help you with the transitional process of taking your newly learned skills out into the world. Together we deepen your coaching skills and personal application as you go forward.

What You Get When You Attend Class:

  • Support Creating A Specific Plan To Work With Your Cancer Community
  • Tools To Get Clients From Networking and Referrals
  • How To Use The Web As An Outreach Tool
  • Support and Mentoring While You Become A Confident Educator

  • Your Class Learning Materials Will Include:

  • Diet For Living Cancer Free Workbook
  • Diet For Living Detox Cleanse: The Powerful Healing Protocol
  • Our Complete Training Handouts: Easy instructions for the client centered Lifestyle Change Program
  • All of our Raw and Vegan, Gluten and Dairy Free plant based recipes
  • Complete shopping list of Living Foods to stock the kitchen
  • Step-By-Step Presentation Blueprint

This Exciting 3 Day Training' is $950.

Live the program while you learn!


If you are coming from out of town we have supplied a list of hotels here that are within five blocks of the Center.

If you have any questions contact us by email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or CALL US AT 505.243.1157.

We would love to hear from you!


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Student Testimonials

“The minute I met Paula I knew I was in the right place. Her warmth glows in her smile and her embrace. Then to start each morning with a gratitude circle is to start the day with good intentions and openness! Learning what brought Paula to where she is now was just beyond inspirational. With every class, I went deeper into a place of yearning to learn more and Paula taught just that. Meeting other women of 'like mind' was also an added bonus to this program. The environment is inviting, the recipes are delicious, the commitment Paula has to having you succeed is contagious. I left the program at completion knowing I now have the tools to be a Holistic Cancer Coach, the knowledge to share with clients, and the confidence to move forward in a career that I am passionate about. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.”

Kellie Ann Murphy. Tucson, Arizona


"I can never say enough kind things about your school!! Amazing, life changing experience. Saying that you are knowledgable and supportive won't express the depth of it. Always so greatful."

Natalie Allinder. Milford, Michigan


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