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on Saturday, 17 March 2012
in Raw Basics

March is a tricky month in New Mexico. To the northeast of The City are the Sandia Mountains. While the Southwest is known for sunshine, 300 days a year, the Sandias can sit majestically snow capped up to April, hovered in winter world, while we go about the city enjoying warm spring weather. This dual city climate is a reminder that we're not quite out of winter yet. Best to keep sprouting indoors to keep yourself in fresh live greens.

When it comes to sprouts, alfalfa is not the only game in town. I am naturally results oriented, so I like to grow the easy ones that do just that. I love China Rose Radish. They are so delicate on top of your salad or cracker spread.











My second favorite dependable sprout is the French Green Lentil. You can buy them in the bulk section of your Health Food Store.

All you have to do is soak them overnite in a Ball jar (Ball jars are back as hip equipment in the Modern Raw Foods Kitchen). Then drain them in the morning and set them on their side on any counter top. Keep them where you can see them, or sure enough you will forget all about them. Then again in the evening, rinse, drain and again set them on their side. Follow this routine for maybe four or five days till they put out a shoot with two little leaves on it. Voila! You have edible greens you grew yourself. No boating, flying, or trucking your food in from Timbuktu. Just you, seeds and a jar. How local can you get!

Once you get started and gain confidence (just one jar does it!), you'll probably get hooked like I did. Everyone develops their own short cuts. I love to strain with a colorful berry colander. It's my secret to speed. Just set the colander over the mouth of the jar, drain and set on its side.

Let me know what you have discovered so we can share it with everyone. It's the way we learn together!



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